Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I decided I needed a monogram stamp. One with my last initial on it, you know to use when I mail my bills and letters. The one I purchased only has a W, to signify our last name. I have still been debating on whether or not I should get the one with our entire street address and family name on it....

Tonight I was in my bedroom having my daily five minute phone conversation with Big. He has rarely anytime to talk, and has to drive to another location to even get good service, so we don't get to talk long. Therefore I try to fit 24 hours of family 'goings-on' into a very limited amount of time. It's time like those, when you're so focused on what you're doing at that exact moment, that you kind of lose focus on what's going on around you. For example, your children. I could hear the two teenage boys watching Ax Men on the Discovery Channel, and I knew when I had left the room Moon was with them. Well, in hindsight I see I shouldn't have assumed I knew what was going on in Moon Land. Hind sight is 20 20, ya know.

I hang up the phone and walk into my room, and sitting on my bed are Moon & our puppy, Lily. Lily is predominantly white with red spots, but when I looked at her I saw she had black spots on her now. It flashed through my mind that she must have gotten into something, fireplace soot, dirt, who knew?

As I moved closer to inspect Lily, I noticed that Moon was hiding her hand behind her back. I looked really closely at Lily, and noticed she had several "W" stamps on her. I said, "Moon, WHAT are you doing?? Do you mean to tell me you STAMPED the DOG???"

Moon was very serious. She pulls the stamp out from behind her back. "Why, yes, I did. It's kind of like a tattoo or a brand. I want people to KNOW Lily is OUR puppy....so I gave her some W's for Wilson!!" All the while she was grinning, like she'd really come up with something.

Fingers crossed, the ink is not permanent on dog hair or skin. That kid even stamped the dogs belly! Where there is no hair! What she will do, I can never predict. But I can promise you this....if the stamps do stay on Lily, I will elicit a million laughs when I tell the story, and I can smile inside at what an extraordinary out of the box daughter I am so fortunate to have.  :)


  1. No animals were harmed in the writing of this blog.

  2. Moon never fails to make me laugh. I wish I could have seen your face! julie

  3. I cannot wait to teach Moon how to construct a homemade tattoo kit.

  4. Julie you can picture
    my face just fine as well as u know me. Ha.

    Arie--i read her your comment. She said aww man then I could tattoo Marc's face while he's asleep!!!

  5. This is so funny!!! How old is Moon?

  6. She's nine, Julie. And going on 35. HA